Первый уровень - Blue Level Quiz #1 - глагол «be» (Ответы - Answers)

Part A.

Вставьте пропущенные слова в каждое предложение в настоящем времени.
Помните, как меняется глагол "be"?

1. He is a student. (be)

2. They are workers. (be)

3. There is a party at my house next weekend. (be)

4. John and Sue aren't married. (be - negative)

5. We are very happy about our new apartment. (be)

6. In the morning, I am very tired. (be)

7. You aren't at school right now. ( be - negative)

8. Is it cold today? (be)

9. Are they members of the website? (be)

10. He and I are both cousins. (be)

Part B.

Выберите this, that, these, those что-бы завершить предложения.
Помните: близко = x...y;   далеко = x..................y

1. This pencil needs to be sharpened. (близко)

2. Are these apples ready to be picked (близко)

3. Is that the building we go to? (далеко)

4. Those cars were in an accident. (далеко)

5. That office has a lot of windows. (далеко)

6. Is this bottle empty? (близко)

7. Those boys broke the window. (далеко -- in time)

8. This is a very good movie. (близко -- in time, может быть сейчас)

9. Are those the best tools for the job? (далеко)

10. That makes me very angry.  (далеко)

Part C.

Спрягайте глагол "be" по лицам в настоящем времени.

Единственное Множественное
I am We are
You are You are
He is They are
She is
It is

Part D.

Напишите два предложения с использованием глагола "be"



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