Первый уровень - Blue Level Quiz #2 - Местоимения

Part A.

Вставьте в предложениях подходящие субъектные местоимения.

1. ______ is a student. (a man)

2. ________ are students (a boy and a girl)

3. Is ______ a good car? (a thing)

4. ________ are at home. (two people)

5. ______ is from Nicaragua. (a woman)

6. ________ are not very good computers. (a group)

7. ______ am at work. (oneself)

8. Is _______ cold today? (the weather)

9. Are _______ members of the website? (people)

10. _____ and I are in the same class. (a woman)

Part B.

Вставьте в предложениях подходящие объектные местоимения.

1. John teaches ______ English every day. (you and I)

2. There's some mail for _____ in the mailbox. (I)

3. I like _____ very much. (you -- единственное или множественное)

4. She works with ______ at that company. (a man)

5. He likes ________ very much. (a woman)

6. They like to eat _______ with cream cheese. (a thing)

7. Sue usually puts _______ in the refrigerator. (things)

8. Please give it to ________. (I)

9. They want _______ to work this weekend. (you and I)

10. I want ________ to do something for me. (you)

Part C.

Запишите субъектные местоимения в единственном и множественном числе.
(5 пунктов).

Единственное Множественное

Запишите объектные местоимения в единственном и множественном числе.

Единственное Множественное

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