Первый уровень - тест #5 - Настоящее длительное время (Ответы - Answers)

Part A.

Завершите каждое предложение, вставив в пропущенные места глагол в правильной форме настоящего длительного времени.

1. He is taking the bus to work today. (take)

2. The stores at that mall are hiring new employees. (hire)

3. My mother is visiting me next month. (visit)

4. We are having lunch right now. (have)

5. My car is making strange noises. (make)

6. Martha is doing her shopping for the week. (do)

7. Is he still sleeping? (sleep)

8. What are you growing in your garden? (grow)

9. Are they meeting you at the airport? (meet)

10. My children are being very good today. (be)

Part B.

Сделайте каждое предложение отрицательным в настоящем длительном времени.

1. She isn't working there anymore. (work)

2. I'm not laughing at what you said. (laugh)

3. They aren't studying English anymore. (study)

4. You aren't having much fun, are you? (have)

5. The housekeepers aren't cleaning the room right now. (clean)

6. We aren't doing anything this weekend. (do)

7. The people from Romania aren't coming today. (come)

8. I'm not buying a new car this year. (buy)

9. Aren't you working today? (work)

10. Why isn't he helping you? (help)

Part C.

Спрягайте глагол "go" в настоящем длительном времени (5 пунктов)

Единственное Множественное

I am going

You are going

He is going

She is going

It is going

We are going

You are going

They are going


Спрягайте глагол "make" в отрицательной форме настоящего длительного времени (5 пунктов)

Единственное Множественное

I'm not making

You're not making

He's not making

She's not making

It's not making

We're not making

You're not making

They're not making

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