Blue Level Quiz #11 - Вопросительная форма предложений настоящего длительного времени (Ответы - Answers)

Part A.

Завершите вопросительные предложения, вставив в пропущенные места глаголы в настоящем длительном времени.

1. Is he going to work today? (go)

2. Are we driving to New York? (drive)

3. Am I helping you? (help)

4. Is she setting the table? (set)

5. Is it raining outside? (rain)

6. Is the TV working? (work)

7. Is he still sleeping? (sleep)

8. What are you growing in your garden? (grow)

9. Are they meeting you at the airport? (meet)

10. When is your sister coming? (come)

Part B.

Вставьте пропущенные слова, сделав отрицательными вопросительные предложения настоящего длительного времени.

1. Isn't your car working? (work)

2. Isn't she talking to you? (talk)

3. Aren't the boys coming home? (come)

4. Aren't you having any fun? (have)

5. Isn't George cleaning his room? (clean)

6. Why isn't my computer turning on? (turn)

7. Aren't I working today? (work)
-- Note: "Aren't" is correct, but if you don't feel comfortable with that, you can say "Am I not...."

8. Isn't he feeling well? (feel)

9. Why aren't the students listening to me? (listen)

10. Aren't you getting any help? (get)

Part C.

Проспрягайте глагол "turn" в настоящем длительном времени в форме вопроса.

Единственное Множественное

Am I turning?

Are you turning?

Is he turning?

Is she turning?

Is it turning?

Are we turning?

Are you turning?


Are they turning?

Part D.

Проспрягайте глагол "go" в отрицательной форме настоящего длительного времени в форме вопроса.

Единственное Множественное

Aren't I going?

Aren't you going?

Isn't he going?

Isn't she going?

Isn't it going?

Aren't we going?

Aren't you going?


Aren't they going?

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