Raggedy Ann Stories by Johnny GruelleАдаптированные аудио истории на английском языке о милой тряпичной кукле Реггеди Энн (Raggedy Ann) и ее друзьях от Джонни Бартона Груэлла (Johnny Gruelle). Введение.

Дочка Джонни Груэлл, Марселла, любила играть на чердаке бабушкиного дома, ведь там можно было найти столько старых и забытых всеми вещей. Марселла нашла на чердаке потрепанную тряпичную куклу. Груэлл рассказал ей, что эта кукла принадлежала когда-то его матери. Личико куклы совершенно выцвело и стерлось, и Джонни нарисовал его заново – круглые черные глаза, треугольный красный носик и улыбающийся рот. Из старых вещей Марселла сшила кукле новый наряд. Куклу назвали «Рэггеди Энн».

Marcella liked to visit her Grandma’s old house. When she was at her Grandma’s house, she played up in the attic. Marcella found many old toys and things there.

One day, Marcella was up in the attic as usual. She was tired because she was playing for a long time, so she sat down to rest.

She looked around and saw a box in the back of the room. “What could be in that box over there?” she thought. She stood up and climbed over some old chairs and tables. Finally, she got to the box.

She opened it, but it was too dark to see. Marcella brought the box over to the window where she could see better in the sunshine.

She found a little white hat and put it on her head. In an old bag, she found some dolls wearing old clothes. And there was a picture of a very pretty little girl with long hair. Then Marcella pulled out an old rag doll with only one button eye, a painted nose, and a smiling mouth.

Her dress was made out of soft cloth. It was blue with pretty little flowers all over it.

Marcella was so happy. She picked up the rag doll and ran downstairs to show it to her Grandma.

“Well! Well! Where did you find her?” Grandma asked. “It’s old Raggedy Ann!” Grandma gave the doll a hug. “I forgot about her. She has been in the attic for fifty years! Well! Well! Dear old Raggedy Ann! She needs her other eye right away!”

Marcella watched Grandma sew the button on Raggedy Ann.
Grandma told Marcella how she played with Raggedy Ann when she was a little girl.

“Now,” Grandma laughed, “Raggedy Ann, you have two new button eyes. Now you can see the changes in the world! And, Raggedy Ann, you have a new friend. I hope you and Marcella will have as much happiness together as you and I did!”

Then Grandma gave Raggedy Ann to Marcella. She said, “Marcella, this is my very good friend, Raggedy Ann. Raggedy, this is my granddaughter, Marcella!” And Grandma helped Raggedy Ann shake Marcella’s hand.

“Oh, Grandma! Thank you so much!” Marcella said as she gave Grandma a hug and kiss. “Raggedy Ann and I will have so much fun.”

And that was how Raggedy Ann became part of the doll family at Marcella’s house. This book is about Raggedy Ann’s stories.

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