Урок 3 - Lesson Three

(Be) + Подлежащее + ____?
write by hand
Единственное Множественное
Am I.... Are we....
Are you.... Are you....
Is he.... Are they....
Is she....
Is it....

Yes-No Questions:

Вопрос (Question): Are you a student?

Ответ (Answer): Yes, I am.


Am I a teacher?

(Yes, you are.)
teacher in classroom
Are you a student?

(Yes, I am.)
Trinh Viet Nam
Is he a student?

(Yes, he is.)
student with backpack
Is she a student?

(Yes, she is.)
student black and white
Is this a house?

(Yes, it is.)
Are we people?

(Yes, you are / Yes, we are. -----Зависит от того, кто задает вопрос)
teacher in classroom
Trinh Viet Nam
Are you workers?

(Yes, we are.)
construction workers
Are they a family?

(Yes, they are.)
Употребление глагола «to be» 

Запишите  write by hand
Практика третьего урока

1. _____ he a good student?

2. ______ the cars parked in the garage?

3. ______ I supposed to go to work today?

4. ______ you in this class?

5. ______ she from Mexico?

Ответы (Answers):

1. Is 2. Are 3. Am 4. Are 5. Is

* Обязательно используйте Be первым словом в предложении.


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