Урок 6 - Lesson Six
There is / There are
There is a black cat. Cat eating food
There is a boy behind the tree. Boy behind tree in snow
There is a student in the classroom. student

Вопросительные предложения:
  • Is there a boy behind the tree?
  • Is there a student in the classroom?
There are three football players. football players
There are two people and two dogs. couple walking dogs
There are two little girls playing with blocks. small girls playing blocks

Вопросительные предложения:
  • Are there three football players?
  • Are there two little girls playing with blocks?
«There» используется в предложениях, в которых в первую очередь сообщается, где находится предмет или лицо. «There» используется и в единственном, и во множественном числе.
  • There is a clock on the wall. (Единственное - singular)
  • There's a rabbit in the backyard. (Единственное - singular)
There is = There's. Большинство американцев используют сокращение «there's»
  • There are seven days in a week. (Множественное - plural).
  • There are some flowers on the table. (Множественное - plural)
There are = (не сокращается) Некоторые американцы говорят "there's" во множественном числе. Это не правильно, Вы не должны так делать.
Запишите: write by hand

1. _________ ________ a restaurant on this street.
2. _________ ________ a lot of people here.
3. _________ ________ some water on the floor.
4. _________ ________ a police officer over there.
5. _________ ________ some flowers on the table.
(Ответы: 1. There is; 2. There are; 3. There is; 4. There is; 5. There are)

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