Первый уровень - тест #8 - Притяжательные Прилагательные и Притяжательные Местоимения (Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns) (Ответы - Answers)

Part A. - Притяжательные прилагательные (Possessive Adjectives)

Используйте в предложениях правильные притяжательные прилагательные. Подлежащее в каждом предложении поможет Вам с вашим решением.

1. I have a computer on my desk.

2. You have a computer on your desk.

3. He likes to play with his dog.

4. We don't know our neighbors very well.

5. The cat doesn't like its food.

6. The students left their classroom very quickly.

7. You all have your own ideas about politics.

8. I really want to see my friends this weekend.

9. They spend their money on junk.

10. Robert is very happy with his new job.

11. Mary thinks her apartment is too small.

12. Where are you going on your vacation?

13. The city has its own fire department.

14. You and I are having lunch with our teacher.

15. Did you finish your work on time?

16. Jim and Sal love their new house.

17. Can I have my car back, please?

18. John can't fix his sink.

19. Does Martha have her keys?

20. We should bring our coats to the game.

Part B. - Притяжательные местоимения (Possessive Pronouns)

Напишите правильное притяжательное местоимение после каждого предложения или вопроса.

Пример (Example): This pen is her pen.      hers       

1. This classroom is mine.

2. Are these books yours?

3. He has his own car and I have mine.

4. Her English is good, and his is good too.

5. I think this money is hers.

6. Your children are smart, and so are ours.

7. Our work is finished; theirs isn't.

8. Those tickets are his.

9. Your garden looks great, but mine doesn't.

10. Her song was good, and I liked yours too.

Заполните таблицу правильными притяжательными прилагательными и притяжательными местоимениями.

Притяжательные прилагательные
Притяжательные местоимения
I my mine
You your yours
He his his
She her hers
It its its
We our ours
You your yours
They their theirs
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