Предлог aboard [əˈbɔːd] может иметь несколько значений, например, «на борт», «на палубу», «в вагон», используется в ситуациях, связанных с транспортом: самолетом, кораблем, поездом.

1. There's a crew of fifteen people aboard this ship. aboard ship
2. The passengers aboard the bus are heading downtown. bus
3. Aboard this plane are supplies and food for the people living on the island. float plane 4
4. There are only three people aboard the helicopter. aboard helicopter
5. They have traveled all around the world aboard this sailboat. woman sailing 2
6. Pirates tried to get aboard the ship, but they were unsuccessful. pirate flag 2
7. They got aboard the lifeboat just before their ship sank. get aboard lifeboat
8. Many business people work on laptops while aboard flights. aboard plane laptop
9. Welcome aboard! I hope you'll like working for our company. man-woman shaking hands 2

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