Предлог ahead of [əˈhed ɔv] имеет значения «впереди», «вперёд», «перед», «накануне».

     to be ahead of time
     быть впереди времени

     That boy is always ahead of his fellows.
     Этот мальчик всегда впереди своих товарищей.

     A great painter is usually ahead of his time.
     Великий художник обычно опережает свое время.

     Don't rush ahead of people who know better.
     Не спеши перед людьми, которые знают лучше.

1. There's a car ahead of Brian's car, but it isn't moving.

(ahead of = in front of)
Man driving with telephone
2. It's a good idea to get your work finished ahead of time.

(ahead of = before)

Business 2
3. His ideas about science and technology are ahead of everyone else's. The Future
4. Sergio is thinking about the week of vacation that he has ahead of him. man in hammock
5. The home team is ahead of the visiting team by two points. soccer
6. Marcia and her coworkers are trying to stay ahead of the competition. The World of Television
7. Victor wants to stay ahead of the other students, so he works very hard on his school work. Victor Peru

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