Предлог after [ˈɑːftə] имеет значения (пространственное и временное): «после», «через», «за», «по», «спустя».

  • We can discuss it more after lunch.
    Мы можем продолжить обсуждение после ланча.
  • When I saw Jim, he was running after the bus.
    Когда я увидел Джима, он бежал за автобусом.
  • To build after the particular pattern
    Строить по определенному образцу
  • After three years they divorced
    Спустя три года они развелись

1. It gets dark very quickly after sunset. sunset
2. After 5:00 a lot of people head home from work. 5 oclock
3. Cemeteries get a lot of new visitors after a war. Memories of War II
4. Human beings started to learn how to make many new tools after prehistoric times. Prehistoric Times
5. They decided to remain on good terms after their divorce. Couple in home
6. Strawberries in Minnesota become ripe after the middle of June. strawberry
7. Lucinda and Gary got something to eat after a walk in the park. couple at chip wagon

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